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November 8, 2002

Even the Horses wore Visors

In what appeared to be an almost 1-to-1 ratio the Chicago demonstrators and police banged the drum without banging any heads at the march to protest the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue meetings.

Police lined the two-mile march route and by the time the protestors reached the Pioneer Plaza where a rally was planned, they expressed extreme intimidation by the appearance of force along the route. Mounted police formed the rear march following the protestors with the horses sporting large fitted visors to protect them from projectiles and liquids.

Why horses in the middle of a large city? At my one and only appearance at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a mounted policeman told me, "Well, a drunk will punch a person, but never punch a horse..."

Only one person was arrested for disorderly conduct and most just danced and popped along with their signs and drums...

Outfitted in my Kevlar and Polar Fleece, (the protestors in Seattle had flung steel ball-bearings at the police and crowd using sling-shots - OUCH!), I was right in the middle of the 1200+ crowd with my camera on a live hook-up during the rally. The Police forming a Human Barricade around the route were chosen for height (over 6'2) and experience and the protestors were generally small, thin, hippy children who were not going to throw down on the Terminator.

I really enjoyed the drumming (!) but had a hard time understanding the focus of what was going on. This appeared to be the general Chicagoan reaction to the gathering - many people that were downtown formed an equally compelling gaper's block in the area with their packages, dogs and children enjoying the spectacle.

Chicago has seen it's share of riotous looting and shooting (if you remember the days when the Bulls ruled, every championship resulted in lots of burning cars and armed *celebration*) and aren't easily moved by the threat of violence so many just came downtown like it was the Columbus Day Parade!

As one Chicago Police Officer said to me, "This is NOT Seattle. When we put you in Lock-up, we don't hand you a cappuccino..."

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November 9, 2002


Rowan Magazine 22 page 99 *Tallulah*

This poor child is about ready to fall over! On my way down I stumbled into the Marination Chamber in my closet while looking for a turtleneck and found something I'd almost forgotten about since I'd thrown it back there around April 12th.

This is from last winter's *harvest* of wool sweaters that were partially done and set aside when the weather warmed up. All that was missing on this one is buttonbands, seams and pocket finishing. Lots of finishing - no wonder it was buried.

The yarn was bugging me too - I saved mi dinero and purchased some Rowan Magpie Aran Tweed. It feels dry but oily and stiff. I guess for those bigger $$$ outlays I want luxurious treatment of my hands but here at ChicKnits, a challenge will not be denied! I'm hoping it will soften when it's washed as many "Mule-Spun" natural yarns like Bartlett's from Maine do. That stuff just gets downright fluffy and soft...

So now the only thing standing between me and this gorgeous creation is 1.5 more ruffles on the right & left sides with buttonholes. Every ruffle means picking up 175 stitches for the side you're working on. (If you had a needle big enough to go ALL the way around, you'd be starting with 350 stitches!) You knit St st for an odd # of rows then increase into each stitch for two rows. Then you bind off the 525 sts you end up with and it ruffles it's little self up like crazy.

I like how it looks but it nearly makes my brain explode by the time there are 525 sts !!! on the old needles.

Yes, I am not normal thank you very much...

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November 10, 2002

Tiddley Bits!!!

Interweave Knits Magazine has the best issue ever - check out the premier designer submissions this issue:

Teva Durham
Nicky Epstein
Kathy Zimmerman
Deborah Newton
Jean Moss
Norah Gaughan (my favorite)

People - this is a Who's Who of Big Names in Knit Design! The Game is Afoot my friends - I hope the competition between all of the magazines just goes through the roof! Imagine the fun we'll have making all of these re-energized creations!!!

Vogue Knitting has a new improved design! Preview their cool stylish offerings online...

Bernat has re-designed their SITE and offers free patterns for members only (not the jacket thank you); you register a name and password and get all sorts of basic designs for knit and crochet (need some baby boom gifts???). I like the collar on this:

hands off he's mine, ladies...

Or, visit Alison Trembley-Boucher at BellaOnline and get hip with her cool articles and online finds... Hey Alison, if you're ever in Chicago, let's have lunch

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November 11, 2002

Monday Morning Mirth

From Gwyn over at Wooliemama:

"By the way...on CNN I saw some s*ck-a** from ET or some such crap telling Aaron Brown that Eminem's acting makes him a cross between James Dean and Elvis Presley(which I would personally not want to see, anyway) and that he is poised to be the John Lennon of our generation. Oh, no. I don't have any particular feelings towards the guy, myself, besides thinking small white boys who are that angry should be avoided, but comparing him to John Lennon?

As Brea said, "He's not even Ringo."

If the best my generation can do for representation is Eminem, I'm ready for the mothership to come and take me away."

AHhh, I'm afraid ChicKnits and the Little Bad Muse agree!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

LATER: several of my friends saw this over the weekend (it grossed over $54Million!!!) and pounded me over this blog entry. What the...

Does this mean *I* have to see it now???

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November 12, 2002

Real People. Real Scarves...

me in me Cravat

Yesterday was cold, miserable, drizzly, and dark. Somehow I lost my Eddie Bauer raincoat at that rally for the TABD (amongst other things) and had to make do with my leather jacket.

Under Mr. Moto was my orange slightly felted hoodie, a burgundy turtleneck, and my new Pt5 Scarf (slick streets, slick look with my little "ScarfLink" holding it closed...)

I have to get some more of this yarn and make a couple more! It just molds itself to whatever area it's touching and becomes part of you.

I thought last year when I made my first H2O hat that it was just the hat that was making my little head feel so good. It really felt just like a hair extension.'

When I wore it, I'd never take it off, mainly because I forgot I was wearing it, it was so comfortable.

Well, the scarf does the same thing. It just molded itself to my turtleneck and I never took it off. I forgot it was on - just soft not scratchy fluff. It wasn't too hot or even damp after I was in the rain most of the day.

Dag, that's what I call service with a smile! The colors are so beautiful people were just coming up to me all day long petting it. Don't know if I dig that so much or not, but I LOVE the feeling of this yarn...

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November 13, 2002

What's Up with T(HAT)?

ChicKnits PATTERNS are now ONLINE! For convenience and fun, patterns are now going to be available via secure and easy PDF download for your pleasure!!!

Why would a normally sane person go around the bend and leap off the cliff?

You asked for it!

I wanted to provide multiple sizes for garments!

I really want to keep ChicKnits Ad Free & Bandwidth is beginning to be a real problem...

Everybody else was selling my patterns (right in some LYS!) so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon myself!

Look for more fun stuff in the future! As time allows, I'll be trying out some fine fashion on you foxes. Let me know what you'd like to see...

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November 14, 2002

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation

Lana Grossa genrerously posts a
Fabulous Fall Model that combines ribbon yarn,
chenille and merino in a wonderfully original way...HERE!

Just click on "Model of the Month"
when you get to the index page...

Thanks so much to the folks at Lana Grossa!

You can buy their products online HERE

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November 15, 2002

Tales from the #66: I'm going Bonkers!

This is gonna happen! My Obscure Rainbow colored double braided cable cardie is just bussing along. (Here's a picture of the yarn I'm using photographed properly on the Bonkers Handmade website.)

I decided to make it the project I take on the #66 and it's getting more attention on board and at work. Lately I've had assignments that are very hurry up and wait. This is the reason everyone cites for Hollywood knitting - Oww - do I now get a canvas chair with my name on it...

Probably not, but there's plenty of seats on the bus where I can speed stitch and entertain the other riders. They just love this colorway. I keep getting asked, "What is that?" said with great consternation.

I know variegated yarn isn't for everybody and I try to only go with those that SPEAK TO ME but this one just tickles people. AND, those cables on the front that I thought might disappear really stand out with some textural landscaping that is DY-NO-Mite...



Hey Wendy, this one's for you!

Yesterday morning, on a crowded #66, around 6:30am, a very bingey guy reeking of alcohol stood up to get off the bus. Even though his rear bootay was exposed for about 8", he took time to get a cigerette ready to light up as soon as he de-bussed.

There was a whole row of Ukranian immigrant ladies as rock-faced as Mount Rushmore who just dropped mouth at his dropped trou and then just started clicking, clucking, and ranting in Ukranian!

Mr. Pantsie just swayed back and forth with his cig and when the whole bus burst out laughing, all that expelled air must have whacked his Cr**k, because he FINALLY pulled up his drawers.

Whew! That was a narrow escape for everybody on board. Thank God I had my knitting to distract me...

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