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September 4, 2002



a ChicKnits Runway Presentation

Adriafil Magazine 33

More inspiration HERE for your knitting pleasure!

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  • Print out your new Italian/English Glossary
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September 5, 2002

my I's R bigger > Stomach

The Little Bad Muse is whispering sweet nothings in my ear...

Such as: No New Projects Will be Started Until the current Crop is Harvested. (HA, how I love mixed metaphors!)

This doesn't keep me from reading the menu! I know I'll be eating at home later and HERE are six magnetic Fall 2002 designs that are pulling me tight as if I'm made of iron itself.

Well, you know that's not true, but a plan is forming. It's kind of a game of spin the bottle at this point because I'm in love with so many items that I can't see the forest for the trees!

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September 6, 2002

the Plan Part I

Since all successful ventures have finely tuned focus, I've decided to narrow down my project options. The most logical approach seems to be by location...

I knit almost anywhere! I knit at the bus stop waiting for the bus. What kind of project would be good for that? I think the same one that will Ride on the #66 with me as well.

I knit at the computer - while I'm writing or waiting for those nasty sites with Flash excesses or even those unreal ChicKnits Archive pages that weigh in at >85k WITHOUT pictures! What little number would be a snap at the keyboard?

Then there's those moments when TV/Movie watching sucks up your time. What I like to call Nightside Friendly Quality Time spent in the "living room" on the couch. Couch Cables, perhaps. Or a little Easy Chair Eyelets???

And Lastly, there's that project that demands all of your attention when it's in your hands. (Like Intarsia. GAAACK! Never again, oh no, not me! Hated it - those Rowan sweaters look really Mountain CUTE!) But maybe Mid-Thigh Length Half-Fisherman's Rib in Black with a big loopy collar! Those loops do take time and attention. I want two...


So here we go:

  • 1. Bus Projects: Any and all Big Wools. Ride and feel like you're a knitting giant! If I start now, I'll have kicked out a couple by the time the weatha is kinda frightful and my dear they'll be delightful...

  • 2. Wired Knitting: Cotton/Blend plain as unbuttered bread roll-neck raglans. Stockinette delights! Read Write Wear.

  • 3. AprĶs dēner avec la T,l,vision: Oh that cute little #5 from Karabella in the Pinkie Variegated by Bonkers. Then maybe a black version of that Net Ribbed Rebecca Cardie, but this time with a Zap collar and cuffs (uhmm, for New Year's Eve).

  • 4. the Fear Factor Special: Double Dog Eat DOG Dare Yourself to knit that Black Thang! (Is that legal?)


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September 7, 2002

the Plan Part II

just SHup

For ideas that is! I like to spin the bottle
and go online and see what's on the racks...


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September 8, 2002

the Plan Part III

just SHup some mo

Online Catalogs are your friend...


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September 9, 2002

Monday Morning Mirth

kiss kiss Echo

Since I am Queen of the World on Mondays,
I hereby declare this Julian Casablancas Day...

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September 10, 2002

Time to Make the Swatches

Now that I've finished the Mocha Cabled Cotton Pullover, I can move on to fresher fields....

This is a the lightest of greyish aqua, wrapped in thin strands of olive cotton. Weird to describe but knits up very light and drapey. Reminds me of Lake Michigan on a hazy hot morning. Like today. I think that's what made me reach for it.

This is destined to become a pullover made on Size 11 needles. It will look similar to the Lilac Ruffled Shell, except it will have 3/4 wide sleeves.

I think it will be smashing with a pair of low-cut grey trousers and high-heel boots.

Yes, boots. Fall. Cooler. Soon. Please. I'm writing this with a big fan blowing directly on me as sweat collects on my upper lip.

THAT is my true gauge of torridity! Uhmm, tropical today...

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September 12, 2002

a Blue Wednesday

I am a photojournalist. I go out with a reporter on most days and shoot stories for television news programming.

Yesterday, I got up at 1:30am to make it to work at for a 3am call. My assignment was to go to O'Hare airport and stay on top of any developments on travel and airport security. Usually there is a "rush hour" of flights leaving and arriving between 5:30 and 6am. It was very quiet in the United Terminal where we were stationed. The volume of people going anywhere from one of the largest airports in the world was about 25% of normal - the halls were almost empty except for the many policeman, security people, canine units, tow trucks, and a couple other crews like me.

We talked to the incoming and outgoing travelers and they were, for the most part, business people who had little choice in scheduling preferences. The non-business flyers were parents seeing their sons or daughters off to school, folks going to funerals in other states, European and Asian travelers and soldiers and sailors coming home on leave. There were very few children.

At 7:46am, there was a moment of silence announced for our loss on 9-11. People stopped, mostly in groups, with their hands over there hearts. Men and women alike were weeping and when the airport started playing the National Anthem, many of the people there touched each other in some way, hugging or holding hands, men standing close searching each other's eyes for traces of tears, not ashamed, but nodding in recognition.

The terminal has a louvered ceiling that opens and closes according to the time of day. There are also windows on the topmost part of the roof. When the observation was taking place, the whole place was dark from an overcast sky - when the Anthem started playing, the sun broke through and flooded us with a very strong light. My heart just jumped into my throat.

Those who were outgoing were not fearful, but mostly resolute in not being intimidated by last year's inconceivable event. One elderly woman, dressed in navy slacks and a flag motif sweater and scarf, was dropped off by her daughter to return home to Florida. She purposely came to Chicago on the 10th, stayed one night and was flying back on the 11th. She told us that the terrorists could kill her but they'd never make her fear.

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September 13, 2002

Not Cher

In my reformed attempt to finish what I started this summer, I am whipping out the orphans in the workbasket.

This one is the biggest PITA on earth. It's been finished front and back up to the armholes for two months!

Recipe for a Pain in the A**:

1. Buy some yarn that's on sale but at the time you know there's really not enough for what you want to make.

2. Think you will combine it with stash goodies to finish the thing.

3. Try about every combination in the world (even buying NEW yarn to make up for the rest - BAD girl bad girl such a dirty BAD GIRRRL, BEep beep)

4. Fail miserably in combining colors and weights.

5. Find the correct combo and run out of yarn about 2" from finishing.

6. Throw the official PITA under the couch this time instead of in the closet with the other pitifal wanker projects...

My idea was to use the Boatneck Shell and make it a slight scoop using eyelash yarn (Flora by Trendsetter) to make a slightly naughty Fishnet Top.


The yarn would not behave, so I combined it with another strand of stuff. I must've torn it out a million times because whatever I changed the combo yarn to would not work. Plan A becomes Plan B with some leftover GGH stuff, bigger gauge but cool color combo. That's where I ran out of yarn...

Marination takes over for about 8 weeks and now Resurection has happened.

I bought (at least it was on sale) some Brilla Yarn in a smoky dark aqua. The body of the shell is out of Olive Bouton d'Or Rabanne (just the best cotton tape around - the original Boatneck Shell is made from this).

SO, maybe this will be a cool little something to wear under another cool something.

The top is just P1, P2TOG. So it is sheer from right above the b**bie region and looks very frisky.

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September 14, 2002

Gotta go on a Diet?

When you know: in the middle of the night, one of the shelves in your closet comes crashing down because you've just added one too many eBay impulse purchases.

From eBay seller "spinntastic":
"I am trying to clear out my excess yarn! Eight 100 gram, approx. 154 yard balls of Conshohocken Cotton Company Softball 100% combed cotton yarn in black."

COol for me & spintastic (love that name!); bad for my closet!

The total downside is that all the boxes took down my suits hanging below the shelf and of course, these are the only dry cleanables I own...

Feel my pain please...

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