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Cultural Froids

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What the...

Overheard @ Chicago Dogs wiener stand: demanding tourist saying, "Hey, I heard you guys are supposed to insult the customers!" Counter response, "Rude before 6pm is extra..."

Fergie gets her own syndicated TalkShow filming now in NY

No Tears from ChicKnits for the departure of Ann Robinson & Weakest Link on NBC...

the "Marriage" of Jennifer Lopez and whatizname on the rocks...
If you just want to have a big party and get your hair done go to the Oscars...
SAVINGS: $1.5Million

the Main Event
Lewis vs Tyson: DUD!
But the rooftop party was FAB with 5 TVs and cocktails and snacks. I did wonder why immediately after the Fight, almost every man there lit up a honkin' HUGE CIGAR...

Hi-Lo Testesterone

1. Rooftop Deck
Boxing Party
2. Birthday Party for Lenny of the Impotent Sea Snakes (Punk Rock Band)

Russell Crowe
as gangster Johnny Stompanato in the proposed movie of the life of Lana Turner?

Gangs of New York
rumored to be as fab as the original Godfather if only the producer and my favorite director Scorsese can stop fighting with each other and release the dang thing...

Viagra Nation

I wanna hold your Wallet

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Blog by Mac

June 2, 2002

June 2 is ROcky RoaD DAY!!!

Hard Decision: I have decided to marinate the Tencel/Wool shawl until late summer. It is so warm to hold while knitting, I'm starting to dread picking it up! The perfect garment for late summer/early fall, huh?

I really need a stole I can wear NOW (insert more than just a little magic here). So I started looking for a cotton/linen blend yarn that might make a light weight wrap. This is the most interesting fiber I came up with: Block Island Blend. It is a Halycon exclusive and they say, "The appeal of this stylish 3-ply yarn is created by its unique fiber combination. One ply of a gentle slub cotton creates a homespun look, a ply of rayon adds sheen, while a ply of a linen/hemp blend provides extra body and strength."

One cone is 1400yds of sportweight. I would want it to be BLACK. This time I think I'll alternate St st panels of 10 sts with eyelet panels of 10 sts at a gauge of 5 sts per inch on #7 needles. ~19" wide x ~72" long? Probably knit until the yarn runs out...

One of us recently wrote about a knitting shrine from the book "Knitting Goddess" - how you are a more powerful knitter when it is in site of your work. This is a "shrine" I have in sight - not especially knitting but mine started as a power of women diorama. Bridget Bardot from "And God Created Woman" - Barbie (a Hallmark(!) ornament my mom gave me a couple of Christmas' ago) - a Wonder Woman playing piece from a limited edition SuperHeroes Monopoly Game (you can barely see it)- and a basket of miniature vegetables to Mother Nature!

My shrine is not helping me with this linen dilemma. Oh mighty knitting goddesses - has anybody out there made a linen shawl? Does this gauge sound right? Does the yarn sound like it would make a anti-air-conditioning "shield"? Or - anybody use Louet Euroflax Linen?

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