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Chic Knits Tauriel

Chic Knits Tauriel

When the season lingers and a cold chill awaits
sometimes the better part of valor is to just look your nemesis in the eye and and say game on, WINTER!


While we kept waiting (and waiting) for the weather to follow the calendar here in the Pacific NW, Mother Nature had other plans -- so we decided to get inspired...

Chic Knits® TAURIEL uses worsted wool and #8 (5mm) needles for a peppy gauge that makes that sweater sooner rather than later and features inclusive detailing with a modern but easy, chain-cable motif to keep it interesting

Best of all? NO SEWING: when you're done, weave in a few ends and WEAR IT!

We invite you to explore our collection of modern hand-knitting patterns for very wearable sweaters and accessories designed foremost with your wardrobe in mind...

Hand Knitting Patterns designed by Bonne Marie Burns
Hand-Knitting Patterns designed by Bonne Marie Burns
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